History of advocacy and relevant reports

Given the tremendous potential for improved health and health-care system outcomes, several stakeholders, including RNAO have produced numerous documents outlining the evidence supporting the implementation of NPs in a variety of settings including the following:

RNAO: Visionary Leadership: Charting a course for the health system and nursing in Ontario, 2014
RNAO: Submission to Minister Matthews Re: Proposed Amendments to Regulation 965 made under the Public Hospitals Act –Proposal 11-HLTC027, 2011
RNAO: response to HPRAC regarding NP Scope of Practice, 2009
RNAO: Submission to The Standing Committee on Social Policy Bill 179: Regulated Health Professions Law Statute Amendment Act, 2009.
RNAO:letter to CNO re: Proposed ‘standards, limits and conditions’ associated with nurses’ performance of controlled acts
RNAO: RN Journal article "Caring from start to finish" (July/Aug. 2012 issue) highlighting an expanded NP role


NPAO: Response to HFO Consultation on NP Authority to Admit, Transfer and Discharge In-patients, 2010
NPAO: Response to Bill 179, 2011
NPAO: Nurse Practitioners are Ready for Bill 179, 2011

Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council (HPRAC)

According to the 2008 HPRAC report on the Review of the Scope of Practice for Registered Nurses in the Extended Class, “Nurse Practitioners will improve the availability and efficiency of patient care and lead to better and more comprehensive and coordinated services.” Two relevant HPRAC reports about NP practice are:

HPRAC: Report on Scope of Practice Review for Extended Class Nurses (Nurse Practitioners), 2008
HPRAC: Critical Links: Transforming and Support Patient Care, 2009

Ontario Hospital Association - Enabling Nurse Practitioners to Admit and Discharge: A Guide for Hospitals, 2012
Canadian Nurses Association Position Statement on Nurse Practitioners, 2009